3 Benefits of Mobile Capture in Logistics

3 Benefits of Mobile Capture in Logistics

In logistics, documents are the utmost of importance. They are your currency. Running on narrow margins whilst depending on cash flow isn't a walk in the park. In addition to this, many companies face billing difficulties caused by slow processes with driver and load documents.

With aivika Capture Mobile, drivers can get their documents to you within a couple of clicks on their mobile. It's faster, cheaper and more efficient than the standard methods used by other logistics companies. Streamline and enhance your business processes and here are 3 benefits of using aivika Mobile Capture to obtain driver documents for an enhanced billing process.

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

As much as it is surprising, quick billing leads to higher satisfaction as incorrect and late billing can cause various difficulties to employees and to your customers:

  • Incorrect bills can cause concerns and scepticism.
  • Messy paperwork can cause inefficiencies in your processes, making it difficult for employees and customers.
  • Delayed bills cause distress to customer financial teams.
  • Inaccurate and late billing results in higher frequency of calls and complaints.

Enhance customer experience with superb billing as it aids in strengthening your cash flow.

2. Motivated Drivers

It's evident that drivers despise the thought of having to deal with different types of documents every day. Drivers don't fancy carrying documents around with them whilst using unclear systems or having to queue up to use a scanning kiosk. Precious time is lost with using inefficient methods of getting documents back to their headquarters.
Hence, with aivika Capture Mobile, eliminate these frustrating methods as it allows your drivers to scan, automatically index and send documents from anywhere, anytime in a blink of an eye! This enables them to get back on the road faster resulting in happier drivers.

3. Increase Scalability

As your business grows, driver documentation can cause issues in your company as it will be a challenge to keep track of the constant flow of incoming documents. If your solution is to hire more headcount, that isn't always the best way out. aivika Capture Mobile allows you to streamline your processes by establishing enormous efficiencies without having to add to your workforce. At a glance, aivika Capture Mobile has insights to streamline your processes and enhance profitability.

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